Favorite Books of December 2016

gertieWhat I love about children’s literature is that the main character can be faced with any number of difficulties and injustices, yet they do not despair or fall into cynicism. They remain optimistic and confident that good will win, tenacity yields rewards, and forgiveness can be given even when it is not deserved. This is why I love Gertie. I read this book in two days and am excited to share it with youth and adults alike in my public library.

countingBecause of a busy college semester and a full time job it had been several months since I was able to read a book that was not a textbook. This title was recommended by a friend and it was the perfect title to break my drought. I finished it in two days. Having experience with cancer, I can say that this book was not unduly melodramatic, it showed a family with positive parental figures trying to cope and raise healthy children in the midst of a horrible health reality, and three children who really do love one another despite their fear and anger over what has happened. These are themes I wish were more often portrayed in books for children


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