2017 Kids Coding Club- Week 3

I may be a little behind on blogging my lesson plans, but we are still coding in Kids Code Club! I have a core group of kids who have been coming. It is not always the same kids each week, but I am averaging 8-10, which is a great size group for the number of laptops that I have available.

If you have not read my Week 1  or Week 2 notes, I have information on what we learned leading up to this lesson. I also blogged about setting up a teacher and student accounts on Code.org, and a first-week lesson plan to introduce coding to your group.

We are still following the “Beginning Code Camp with Code.org” lesson provided by Jen Fait on WisCodeLiterati. In Week 3, we learned about debugging programs, or finding the errors in code, and then re-writing the code to eliminate the errors to allow the program to run correctly. I did not do the Replay Programming from the Teacher’s Lesson Plan because the kids were a little energetic that day and having difficulty listening to directions. We went right into the online portion of the lesson with Debugging with Bee and Artist.

Even though the kids were energetic, it was a great program, and the kids left enthused about what they were doing!

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