Week 2: Coding Together, Learning Together (Coding Curriculum, Apps, and Gadgets)

In our second week of Coding Together, Learning Together we began to dig into different options for coding gadgets, curriculums, and apps! (You can find my Week 1 Notes here).

This week we looked at different options for presenting coding programs. There are lots of options out there, and it is easy to be overwhelmed! However, sometimes just knowing what is out there is the first stop. Check out these resources!

Coding Websites (Credit: Casey Ineichen) 
Gadgets & Kits to Teach Code (Credit: Casey Ineichen)

Common Sense Media App Reviews:


Week 2 Notes:

Coding Curriculums, gadgets, and apps that are available so you can select the right tools for your community.
There are so many options!


(Benefit of using curriculums is that there is very little prep on your part. All the tools are there for you)
Google CS First


When it comes to gadgets, the biggest question to ask is: What are students going to get out of it?
Ollie & Sphero

Apps and Websites:

Lots of options available! Think about your community and what your audience will want. 
Common Sense Media
– Will review apps for elementary, middle, and high school levels
– Consider more than one source, but Common Sense Media is a good place to start
They have recommended:
For Elementary:
Scratch Jr.
For Middle/High
– Lightbot.
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