Honeybee Window Decoration Passive Program Craft

Every Tuesday we offer Crafts for Kids. Basically, we set out several craft projects as a passive program. Surprisingly, it is very well attended, with people driving into town on Tuesdays just to make the crafts. This week, one of our projects was a honeybee window decoration. I have attached the template to this post so that you do not need to try to draw it out on your own, unless you want to. It may be hard to see in the photo, but the yellow body of the bee is made from contact paper. Kids stick on little squares of yellow tissue paper to make the stained glass kind of look. They can hang it on the window if they like, and see the light come through the body of their honeybee!

You will need:
Black paper
Yellow tissue paper
Contact paper
Glue sticks

Happy crafting!

Template Download: 
Homebee Window Decoration Template

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